Creativity and inspiration unity give birth to new images and forms, and craft and diligence of workers let us unleash even the bravest ideas.

Due to the produced materials, we create lamps of various forms and proportions and high design concepts. Italian region Veneto is the area of ancient history, rich cultural and artistic traditions and picturesque landscapes.

From the old times human has lived and worked here in harmony with nature and handing down his craft from generation to generation.

In this blessed corner in 2005 craft enthusiasts established the company Divinare which produces special due to its exploitation and esthetic qualities lightning equipment. Work with valuable Murano glass requires all professional glass blower’s skills. Herewith the glass presents endless varieties of colors and tones, rare cleanliness and transparency. Metal unique due to its qualities enables producing solid and sustainable constructions. Hammering, engraving and incusing art let us create numerous garniture variants

Drawing on ancient traditions of handicraft Divinare progresses and introduces new methods and techniques, that givedesigners and artists full freedom of self-expression.

People with competence of high respect are those who make history and success of Divinare. Side-by-side do they create staff for decorating homes around the world. These people understand and value beauty and strive for excellence each in his own field.

Beauty has lots of synonyms and definitions, usually this very fact causes argues. But there are two world-wide accepted points – beauty is always something rare and valuable.

That is what introduces sincere joy of true beauty. And that is why we create such amounts of forms, ornaments and color decisions – it’s all for you to find what you individually perceive as real beauty in the Divinare collections.