The company DIVINARE coming from in the Italian region of Veneto, has been creating lighting products of the middle and premium price segment that are exclusive in their aesthetic and operational characteristics since 2005. The products are represented in more than 20 countries around the world and the brand's geography is expanding every year.

The (company’s) exclusive specialization in interior and decorative lighting allows to pay special attention to the elaboration of details and structures. The most various and unique lamps are created in their shapes and proportions, which are complemented by a noble decor because of using the high-quality materials.

Working not only with metal, but also with Murano glass makes it possible to realize the boldest ideas and create high-quality designs decorated with crystal clear glass. Hammering, engraving and incusing art give the opportunity to create numerous garniture variants.

DIVINARE is confidently developing in the lighting market and introducing new ways and technologies for creating lighting products that give the complete freedom of expression for artists and designers.

Veneto is an Italian region with an ancient history, rich (strong) cultural traditions and beautiful landscapes. A special atmosphere of unity and harmony between human and nature reigns on this land.

One day the young designer Sergio Viletti, while working on a new project, noticed how his studio was transformed in the sunset. Each part of the room acquired different colors. The designer wanted to preserve this special light and its beauty in everyday routine.

Observing trick of the light led Viletti to create unique lamps that combine not only the strength and reliability of objects created by human, but also the incredible beauty of nature.

The company DIVINARE, which means «divine» in Italian, was created with the team of like-minded persons led by Viletti in 2005.

Afterwards the company started to specialize only in interior and decorative lighting, paying attention to details and shapes. The narrow focus of production means that DIVINARE's priority is not quantity, but quality and products identity.

The history of DIVINARE is made by people with competence of high respect. These people appreciate quality, have a sense of beauty and strive for excellence in every detail.

The DIVINARE catalogue includes 1.500 interior and decorative lamps, and about 100 new products are produced per year.

Creating a high-quality product is the process of genesis and implementing the ideas of artists and designers, a long stage of working out every detail. DIVINARE products are self-sufficient - only one chandelier can be presented in a series, but it takes the place of an art object, attracts attention and does not need additional lighting such as sconces or floor lamps.

The initial stage of the lightning production includes the use of such a valuable material as Murano glass. Murano glass has a rare purity and clarity, it shimmers with a huge number of shades and requires great skills from the glassblower. The industry uses sometimes replicas of high-quality Italian products which are loved all over the world.

DIVINARE is not only original and unique models based on the needs of designers from all over the world, but also Italian chic. The company's products meet the latest trends in the global market, so the catalogue presents lamps that are restrained in their design and made in the style of minimalism.

office italia

VIA Selvanese, 10, 30030 Olmo di Martelago, Venezia, Italia

Phone: +39 324 044-0847

E-mail: info@divinare.it

Web: www.divinare.it

Factory address

N0. 377 Dongan North Road, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, P.R.China

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